Still waters run deep.
Une tempête dans un verre d'eau.
Des larmes amères.

April 20th 
Eryck Laframboise by Justin Violini
April 15th untitled by AstraMarina on Flickr.
April 14th 
Editorial for Bite Magazine : The Synergy ISSUE XIV
photography: SCANDEBERGS styling: NICOLA BARATTO art Direction: Scandebergs + N. Baratto
photo and styling assistants: Ilenia Arosio + Michela Paoletti models: Duco @2Morrow Models, Milan and Bohdan S. Special Thanks to DeadCoutureIconsArchive and Riccardo Grassi Showroom, Milan.
April 6th untrustyou:

Christian Pitschl 
March 27th
March 26th
March 26th
March 22nd tractionism:

grastem (by evanSparrow)
March 5th
March 3rd forestcontemplation:

Gabriel 1999